Google AdWords Alternatives For Your Business 2010

With a major part of the business being conducted online these days, online advertising has also gained momentum. Google’s premium pay-per-click advertising program Google AdWords is really popular among advertisers to place advertisements in Google’s within network sites. These advertisements may be in the form of banner, text, image, video and rich media ads. Websites and blogs who look to generate revenue can place ads through Google AdWords if they are enrolled to the Google AdSense program. An ad serving application of Google, by enabling image, video and text advertisements on their website, website owners can earn revenue on per-click or per-impression basis through Google AdSense. A really popular mode of earning revenue and presently also the market leader; but contrary to the notions, there are several Google AdWords alternatives for business, which can let business owners, monetize their blog or website far more easily.Pay per click advertising
Pay-per-click ads are the best way to monetize a blog or website. Working as a publisher of ads with advertising networks and getting paid for each click on the ads placed on your website from the advertising network, pay-per-click ad programs like Google AdWords are a good source of revenue. But there are also several other PPC advertising networks and Google AdWords alternatives for business like Adbrite, Yahoo Publisher Network and Bidvertiser, which give you equally high returns.Affiliate networks
A rapidly growing avenue, through affiliate networks you can earn a lot of money by promoting products of other business houses. Every day with more and more businesses going online, the competition for attracting traffic has also increased manifold. Having a website or a blog built around a particular genre of products, good money can be made working as an affiliate. Joining affiliate networks and finding products related to your site, you can use your blog or website to put up affiliate links. By writing articles on the products of your affiliate site you can attract the visitors. And by clicking on the links, when they land up on the affiliate sites, the visitor’s activities are tracked. If the visit ends in a purchase, you receive a commission. Some of the popular websites that act as Google AdWords alternatives for business would be LinkShare, Clickbank, CJ and Amazon.Cost per action
Similar to a pay-per-click advertising, here too ads have to be placed on a website or a blog. But unlike in PPC ads, where you earn revenue when a visitor simply clicks on the ads, here the revenue is earned when the visitor actually performs the intended action, i.e. when a successful transaction takes place.In-Text Link Advertising
Websites and blogs with thousand unique visitors per day are far more suited for this kind of advertising. Two popular in-text link advertising networks would be Infolinks and Kontera.Hence, for those looking for some innovative avenues to monetize their blogs and websites, there are several Google AdWords alternatives for business owners to earn revenue from.

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